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 Forum Rules! Please ABIDE all the rules!!

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PostSubject: Forum Rules! Please ABIDE all the rules!!    Fri Aug 24, 2018 12:37 pm


Manga 4 U Rules

1. Respect others. If someone has a problem with how you are acting, please stop.   Mad

2. Due to the public nature of the boards, we ask that you keep all conversations on a PG-13 level or below. This includes cursing. Do not say unappropriated words.  Evil or Very Mad  

3. Discussions on potentially offensive topics (politics, religion, etc.) are not permitted.  Mad

4. There is to be absolutely NO advertising of, or selling/trading items on this Message Board. This includes cosplay services!  Mad Mad

5. Admin reserves the right to remove or alter any content on these message boards for any reason.

6. All external links are subject to the approval of the admin. Links to known spam sites or potentially harmful sites will be deleted. Spam sites include: Online Petitions, Search Engines, Adult Sites, Pharmaceutical Sites, and other similar sites.   Evil or Very Mad


Penalties may include:

* Temporary Forum Ban – a cooling off period for both forum members and admins.

* Permanent Forum Ban – for extreme cases only. Will automatically be imposed if a temporary post ban is circumvented.
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Forum Rules! Please ABIDE all the rules!!
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